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carjacking friday night. we spoke to a woman who watched in terror as she saw one of two masked men shoot the man. >> i saw the guy from the bus and shooting, shooting just like that, one, two. three shots. reporter: this is one of the areas where the two men attempted a robbery but instead committed a homicide. the men win on a cream spree, robbing two businesses, this jack-in-the-box at 85:00 p.m., and this spa at 9:01. the men's car was spotted by san jose police officers who gave chase. one officer was hot and wounded after suspects shot at the marked police car which stopped behind the suspects. police returned expire caught up with one of the two suspects. they justified him as 20-year-old jonathan wilbanks of san jose who had been wounded by
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police. the other suspect is still being sought. >> we spoke to a young man who was in the car where the other man was shot to death. he says all he remembers is a masked men with a gun. he did not want to appear on camera. the officer was treated and released. and the police are offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of the other suspect. >> ama: the man shot to death last night in menlo park has been identified. 42-year-old carey kudlip was found inside his car last night. police are searching for two people seen running away from the scene. one ran north and the other ran west. the investigation is ongoing. san francisco fire crews are still on scene of a two-alarm blaze in the outer richmond district. firefighters were called to the area this afternoon. crew members climbed on nearby roofs to fight the flames. the fire is out but crews are on the lookout for hot spots.
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no word on the cause. >> good samaritans to the rescue off the coast of half moon bay. fishermen rescued three people after their boat you're turned. three fisherman were able to rescue two people from the water. the harbor master rescued a third person. a rally called a seat-in took place in the harvey milk park. people at the rally called for the return of the benches, claiming the former sf supervisor harvey milk was a big proponent of public space. >> it may not be legal any longer to walk around san francisco in the buff. supervisors are schedule to vote whether to make it illegal for people over the age of five to expose their genitals.
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the city is not trying to shed its eight -- anything goes image. >> black friday is get one of the yearls starts ever. store ownerrers used to seeing people line up by monday, but here in the bay area they're already out. we're live in pinole where lines are already forming. reporter: right here is the front of the line at the best buy in pinole. this is the first of about a dozen people already in line. and you can see they have their warm sweaters on, pod -- foldable seats and tents. i talked briefly with manager at this best buy earlier, and she tells me this is the earliest she has ever seen a line start forming outside the store for black friday deals. people usually start taking their places on monday or tuesday. as for the people already in
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line, they say being out here has become as much a part of thanksgiving day celebrations as sitting down for turkey dinner, and claiming their spot in line so early is very much, a very well-organized team effort. >> they're here and because we met each other we rotate, and i'm going work storm will come back and spend the night just continue to keep joining until that time and then all day tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> my brother said for us to get out here because he wanted to be first in line. so what's nat we're doing. roe. reporter: what are the big items they hope to get savings on? they're hoping for big deal on a big screen tv, and the other must-have item is a play station iii but are the savings really worth it? of course you can see there are a whole lot of people who are set up. a lot of number crunchers actually say those deals are really not all that worth it because you can always find similar savings on sales
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throughout the rest of the year, but all these people out here tell me it's not just about the deal. it's also about tradition. in fact there's one girl who is in line right now, she is 16 years old. she has actually never sat down to a thanksgiving day dinner at home. i'll tell you already store at 11:00. reporting live in pinole, abc-7 news. >> ama: can't wait to hear that. check out before you start your black friday shopping. we have a list of stores opening as early as thanksgiving day. you can browz their black friday sale ads. goods prices are going down just in time for the thanksgiving road trip. the average price of gas dropped seven cents. it's going for 3.41 a gallon. still pricey in california, the average 3.79. the bay area, 3.90. >> alert, the tasty cream
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colored cupcake might just survive. we'll learn more tomorrow after hostess begins to sell itself in bankruptcy court. hostess brings in nearly $3 billion in annual revenue. financial experts believe another company will most likely buy the ding-dong, ho-hoes and twempgies portion of hostess. >> till to come, the first big gadget of the holiday season is out, and in many places it's already sold out. >> fighting the fiscal cliff. what nancy pelosi says must be done to get the nation back on track. one of the biggest nights in music. >> leigh: right now. live doppler 7hd picking up a few light showers in the north bay. we'll look at
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>> ama: house democratic leader nancy pelosi is stumping for president obama's economic plan to avert what analysts warn could be a so-called financial cliff. the congresswoman from san francisco says raising taxes on high income earners has to be part of the equation. >> just to close loopholes is too low. they want it to be revenue
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neutral. the president made it clear the higher income people have to pay they're fair share. >> congress is negotiating with barack president obama on an agreement. president barack obama is set to become the first u.s. president to visit myanmar. the thailand the president tried to assure critics his visit is not an endorsement of the government but acknowledgment of a process that few saw coming. myanmar, firmerly known as burma, is moving towards democracy. >> just ahead, a special honor at the white house for some bay area teens. plus, hot says -- sales for the latest video to hit the market. >> more rain is ahead for the holiday week. >> leigh: leg has the forecast. >> i'm mike shumann and feelingg the raiders' pain, the saints
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were in pound and --
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>> ama: the biggest names in music are hitting the stage for the 40th annual american music awards and you can see the big event right here on abc-7. [shouting] >> ama: over here! no doubt the red carpet event was parade of big names. other classic artists are part of the show at the nokia theater. taylor swift, and justin bieber. catch the american music awards right here at 8:00. >> young adults from an oakland based nonprofit youth program are in washington, dc to receive a press steamous award from first lady michelle obama. it is the arts arts and humanits youth program. they serve young adults with 0's
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going on to college. >> teach you how to produce video, music production, and broadcast journalism, and through those skills, we put young people on a career path and a path towards success. >> the awards ceremony takes place 8:00 our time tomorrow morning. >> today saw the launch of the nintendo wiiu. it's designed to appeal to both the casual audience and the hard-core gamers. one new owner wanted to break the seal and start playing. >> the first console, the next generation of consoles, so i'm happy to have it. and ready to play some mario on it. >> ama: it's been six years since the last major video game system was launched. since then video game sales have dropped a quarter billion dollars a month as people turn
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to iphones and ipads. >> not all of the expected entertainment features will be available. nintendo's new service which promises to incorporate tv and sports, woken be activated until december. let's check in with leigh glaser. more rain coming in. >> leigh: a little bit in the north bay. looks like tuesday night, wednesday, drip py, bus after that, thanksgiving, right on in through the first part of next weekend, looks terrific. check out this live shot looking west. you can see the embarcadero hole lights in san francisco all aglow, and low clouds around the bay area. live doppler 7hd indicating light rain. you can see it moving into the north bay. from santa rosa towards petaluma.
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vallejo, vacaville, and not all of this is reaching the ground but it is a little bit. so look for a chance of sprinkles, maybe a light shower early on. mainly north of the golden gate bridge. speaking of the golden gate bridge, this band here sitting 15 miles to the west and sweeping from northwest to southeast. so we may see a few sprinkles, maybe a brief shower this evening. highs today. 58, santa rosa. 6 2 santa francisco. antioch, 63. 67, gilroy. here's a look at the current readings. all pretty much in the 50s. 58, san francisco. 59, san jose. the forecast, overnight, chance of sprinkles tonight as well as tomorrow, mainly north bay. then after that on tuesday and into wednesday, cold front moves in and we're all going to see the showers. looks like a wet morning on
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wednesday. dribbles overnight, and overnight temperatures mid-to-low 50s. tomorrow, high pressure, and this is a fair-weather maker, trying to bill the north. we have this low and this cold front starting to sag to the south, and we're right here, sandwiched between the two systems. so look for the bulk of the rain tomorrow to stay north of the san francisco bay area. we may see a few light showers, extreme north bay communities, for your monday. was head into tuesday the high gives way and the cold front moves south. this is tuesday, 10:00 a.m. you can see the frontal band pushing off. the rain near the golden gate bridge and by 10:00 tuesday night, all bets are off. early wednesday morning the front moves through, the rain picks up across the bay area. the good news it looks like it will move out wednesday night just in time to pripg us a dry thanksgiving day on thursday. tahoe tomorrow, if your travel takes you there, look for off
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and on sun breaks. 57 with a chance of some showers for sacramento. we'll look for fog tomorrow morning to the central valley. fresno tomorrow, 66. los angeles tomorrow, mixture of sun and clouds, 67. tomorrow, the best chance of us seeing any moisture at all will be really extreme north bay communities. otherwise, we'll look for 60s and sunshine, san mateo towards san jose. even gilroy, hollister, mid-to-upper 60s tomorrow. the accuweather seven-day forecast does include a chance of some showers moving into the north bay tomorrow, and then we'll look for showers across the entire bay area on wednesday, this, -- thursday and friday are dry, temperatures back into the 60s. >> ama: mike shumann is here with spots and i don't know what to say about the raiders. >> mike: it's raining on their parade. they're their own worst injury. granted injuries forced them to play without a run game but
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mistakes are killing them. giving up 97 points the last two games. not good the saints quarterback drew brees wouldn't help that stat. 7 or lead. and without darren mcfadden and the threat of a run game, carson palmer airs it out. unfortunately to the wrong team. general -- 14-0 saints. second quarter, raiders driving. palmer's throw bounces off meier's hands. saints up 21-7 at the half. saints open the second half with 573-yard kick return. then mark ingram takes it the rest of the way. 28-7 saints. bros, 20-27, 219 yards, three, adding to his nfl record 53 straight games with a touchdown pass. to lance moore. we have raider highlight. palmer with a great throw to
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crimer. the raiders have all sorts of issues. >> a great crowd there today. they were into it. and we let ourselves down and let them down by not playing up to our potential and by getting beat the way we did. >> we got beat today. and -- but the only way i know how to fix things is we just got to go back to work, keep grinding. those guys in that locker room, nobody that hurts any worse than they do. and we're going to keep fighting and keep battling and keep grinding. >> going out there and trying to win. trying to win the rest of the season. bottom line. >> mike: the broncos and chargers in denver. big game for peyton manning. denver up 10. in the third quarter, finds eric decker. he does the rest. 20-yard for the score. broncos 7-3, running away with the division. 30-23 your final. >> comes quarterback, andrew luck, facing three-time super
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bowl champion tom brady and the patriots. i'm sure andrew was inspired by stanford upsetting oregon in eugene. would that carry over today? unfortunatelied did not. threw two pick sixes. second quarter. game tied. colts driving. and andrew air-mails one to kalib. he weaves and bobs through traffic. gives the patriots the lead for good. andrew, two but three picks. but he never quit. finds hilton, 43-yard strike, too little too late. 59-24 the final. >> warriors and oklahoma city. struggling to contain kevin durant. off the steal, easy dunk. he had a triple-double. and russell westbrook. two of his 0. oh, my. and oklahoma city wins that one, 119-10 9. >> final race of the 2012 nascar
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season was battle between jimmie johnson and brad kess keselowskl keselowski had to do is finish 15th or better and the cup is his to miami we go jimmie johnson at one point led the race but got into trouble during a pit stop. a nascar official made him return to the pit for an infraction and he lost time. shortly after that johnson had a part failure and that was it. his race was over and the chance for the cup returning to the grand. that meant all keselowski had to do is finish the race and the championship was him. jeff gordon won the race, keselowski finished 15th. le the sprint cup championship, the first for the 28-year-old and the first for his team, penske racing. >> no team -- no person is, only a team can do that. and these guys up here, they make me big enough. they make you fast enough, make you strong enough to do anything we want to do, and it is because of these guys. i can't be here without them. >> mike: cal head coach jeff ted
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ford met with the athletic director today. no idea about his future yet. >> ama: how big a hit is
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>> join me tonight at 9:00 and we'll look into a monkey murder mystery. the important clues found at the crime scene. then at 11:00, storage valor as the legends surrounding navy seals grows and so does the number of imposters. a bay area man claims to be a hero. all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. it is a hit but that's really no surprise to millions of twilight fans. >> after a 18 years of being it early ordinary, i suddenly felt like -- i was born to be a vampire. >> breaking dawn part 2 racked up $140 million in sales during it's debut weekend and nearly 200 mental overseas. the twilight finale is eighth on the list of all-time debuts. three of the franchise films are in the top ten. and james bond skyfall goes to second place, and lincoln was
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four, and flight wraps up the top five movies of the weekend. that's it for us right now. our next newscast is as
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i don't think i will experience it again.

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